Tuesday, 18 October 2011

kitni mohabbat season 1 episode#3

Yash continues blaming Hariprasad that because of his so-called values and morals, he couldnt study abroad since Hariprasad refused to give any sort of donation. Because of his values, his daughters will not get married in rich families. Antara and Arohi tell Yash to stop right there and not to disrespect their father any further. Hari Prasad tells Yash that he has earned for himself his daughters respect. He has given them good education and good values and they are all happy and content with it. He is sure that the person his daughters get married to will not choose them for dowry but because of the kind of human-beings they are.
He then tells Yash about a letter he has received from the new owner of Gurukul, Mr. D.K. Punj, a very successful businessman, who has taken over Gurukul.. He wants to meet Hari Prasad before stepping into the Gurukul since he has heard a lot about his honesty, morals and values. This is the kind of respect he is talking about!
That night, Arohi runs through the events of the day in her mind and wonders why it all happened the way it did. At 4am, Arohi goes to a lake near Shimla like she does every year on her mothers birthday. Every year she makes a wish for her and her family and tosses it is the lake. This time around, she prays to her mother to give her whatever she wishes to, as a gift. She tosses the coin but instead of falling in the water, it falls on the ground and starts rolling towards the jungle.
Arohi follows the coin and just when she is about to pick it up and leave, she hears a sweet tune in the jungle. She sees the person playing it but cant see his face. That man is none other than Arjun. Just then, with a screeching sound, an injured puppy falls on the ground near Arjun. Arjun tears his scarf and nurses the puppy, hands it over to his driver and tells him to take him to the hospital. His driver resists saying they shouldnt separate a mother from her child but Arjun tells him that he doesnt have faith in motherly love as much as he has in science and medication.
Unaware of this side of Arjun, Arohi wonders how kind and soft-hearted the person is who took care of the puppy. She then prays to her mother to give that man whatever he wants, and tosses the coin in the lake.
Next morning, Arohi and Hari Prasad leave for Punj Mansion where they have an appointment with Mr. D.K. Punj. On their way they meet bua, who is a self-proclaimed match maker and her aim in life is to see Hariprasads 4 girls settled.
Hariprasad and Arohi wait outside the Punj-Mittal mansion for 5 hours without being asked for a glass of water, when on the other hand, their pets are given utmost attention. Arohi and Hariprasad dont lose patience. Arohis eyes are suddenly hurt by a glare caused by someones watch. That someone is none other than Arjun. Little did Arjun know at that point of time, that the girl, unseen by him, standing below his mansion, will be the very purpose of his life some day

Sunday, 16 October 2011

kitni mohabbat season 1 episode #2

The train passes through a tunnel which makes it impossible for Arohi to figure out who the person is. Meanwhile, the person who has helped Arohi has moved inside his cabin. His secretary informs Arohi that Arjun Punj doesnt like being disturbed. Disappointed, Arohi goes towards her compartment.

Her compartment has all the contestants from the north and south region taking part in the same competition that Arohi is going for. The host of the show and her sisters coax Arohi into singing a song. Arohi starts singing her favorite song and her voice reaches Arjun, who is immediately taken by the brilliant voice. He tries to figure out who the singer is but some girls recognize him, making him feel conscious due to which he leaves without finding out who the singer was. Arohis sisters assure her that if Arjun Punj could get attracted to her voice, then this competition is a sure win for Arohi.

At one of the stations, Arohi gets down to get water. She spots a woman whos got an asthma attack and is desperately in need of help. Arohi takes her to the hospital and as a result misses her train. She reaches the competition late and is not allowed to perform by the meanest judge of the evening, Mr. Arjun Punj.

Arohi is heart-broken. Her dreams are shattered but she doesnt regret anything because she remembered her moms advice. She missed the competition for a good deed and has left a good memory in a strangers mind.

Back to the present, Arjun tells Ganga that this is where the story began from a unique love story a story no ones ever heard about the story of him and his love

Arohi and her sisters come back home only to discover that their father has been removed from his post and made a board of director for name sake because his honesty got in a lot of goodwill to the music school but did not fetch them enough funds. Hari Prasads own son Yash and his daughter in law Mallika, who are staying with them as Paying Guests, condemn him and his honesty saying it hasnt fetched him and his daughters any material comforts whatsoever. Arohi and her sisters are stunned.

kitni mohabbat season -1 episode #1

Arjun, once a famous business tycoon, has been in jail for 2 years. Ganga Rai, a famous lawyer wants to fight his case and has been trying to convince him to tell her his story for very long, but he doesnt want anyone to fight his case and hence refuses to tell anyone his story. He doesnt want freedom!

The story this time is no different. Arjun refuses to tell his story. Disappointed, Ganga Rai turns towards the door to go back when her wedding card drops from her file. Arjun spots it and she tells him that she has postponed her wedding till the time she doesnt fight Arjuns case and wins it. Thats when he finally opens up to her and tells her the story the story about a girl who changed his life forever.

Arohi Sharma is a young, vivacious, beautiful Shimla based girl, who has always dreamt of becoming a famous singer. Arohi and her sisters Purvi, Sur and Antra- are all set to go to Chandigarh for Arohis singing competition.
Their father, Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma is an extremely honest man of principles. He has been the principal of the music school Gurukul for the last 30 years and refuses to let go of his values and morals for anything in this world. A well-known person comes to offer him bribe so that he can get admission in the music school for his son, but Hariprasad refuses saying admission in Gurukul is only based on talent.

This day is special for their entire Sharma family for 3 reasons - it is Arohis late mothers birthday, 2nd- her singing competition, which is very important for her and her dreams and 3rd -her father is finally being awarded by Gurukul for his hard work of 30 years.

Hari Prasad gives Arohi a letter written to her by her mother. Arohi reads the letter while sitting at the station bench. In the letter, her mother advises her not to lose hope if circumstances are bad, never spoil anyone elses life in order to achieve success she wishes for that someone special to come into Arohis life who will complete her and be with her when she achieves her dreams. Arohi gets completely engrossed in the letter and doesnt realize when the train starts moving and only when the train gains speed does she realize that it is leaving without her! She runs with all her might towards it. She is just about to miss it when a hand comes out of the train and helps her in.